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Logo design

If you don't have one yet, I'll design one for you. I'll take you along with every step of its design process. A logo is the face and signature of your company. A good logo is simple, memorable, legible, timeless, practically versatile, and of course it suits your company. I will make sure that the new logo is not only for your website, but also for other expressions, such as business cards, letterhead, car lettering and others, for large and small expressions.

Logo design process, from old to new

Full corporate identity design

You just got a new website, maybe one of mine! Now it is itching to have business cards, stationery, advertisements, and t-shirts made. Good idea! But first we have to set up some guidelines to ensure that these expressions remain one family. When different designers have to work with your logo there will always be a difference in style, due to personality, opinion and taste. A style document provides the designer with tools to achieve a consistent style of use between all expressions of your brand. It provides guidelines for, among other things, logo use, typography, color, and use of secondairy visual elements such as backgrounds and photos.


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